Remodeling and preserving elements

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From existing to new

When we think of remodeling a space, we often think of completely changing the nature of space.

However, this is not always needed to create a different and totally new ambiance.

We can preserve elements that could be useful to create a contrasting effect in our space.

To do so, we can start by asking ourselves if there are some existing elements that we like. It could be a structural element like a wall, or finish material like a floor or tile, or a carpentry element, and start thinking to conserve it.

Sometimes, even if we don’t appreciate an element or finish, we could think of emphasizing its nature in contrast with other materials or other elements of the same space.

You can discover an interesting element even by removing the final finish of your walls, floors, etc. To do so, it is necessary to make a survey of finishes and structural elements.

There are many options; it is just about identifying an element that could give a special touch to your new space.

In this way, you will find elements that in their current state may seem obsolete, but that in contrast to modern finishes can give a very special character to your new space.
Renovation and preservation are not necessarily opposed, they complement each other!

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