Interior colors

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Are you going to remodel your house or office? Surely you have many ideas and you like many styles for your interiors, but, do you know if they are adequate for your space?

Colors are very important when defining the finishes of your spaces.

There are many factors that would help us to define what colors use in your spaces.

Let’s begin to know what use you are going to give to your space, by whom will it be used and for what activities will it be made for.

Every color reflects the light in a different way and this is going to influence the development of the activities assigned to every space.  


Light and dark colors


Light colors reflect a bigger quantity of light in a space, which allows it to be well illuminated and to have the impression of spaciousness.

Dark colors, in the opposite way, reflect less quantity of light, and spaces are consequently less illuminated and give the impression of narrowness.

Because of that, we are going to prefer light colors for spaces used for work, learning, hand handcrafts or reading, what will allow us to take advantage of light, as in offices, kitchens or workshops.

In the opposite way, it is recommended to use dark colors for spaces destined to entertainment or relaxation since we don’t need to have a lot of light to create a relaxing or entertaining atmosphere. This is the case of restaurants, bars, spas or game areas.


The choice of color


Once we have decided if we will need a light or a dark color, let’s think to choose the color. To do so, we have to know that every color has an influence in our perception and our mood.

Red color, for example, is associated to feelings related to adrenaline, like exaltation and irritation. Blue color is linked to tranquility, peace and rest. Green color to serenity, stability and security and yellow color to happiness and social harmony.

When we consider these factors, we can determine the color and tonality for our space. We can even play with different colors put together in contrast to create the ambience type we want.

Consider that colors are presents in every type of finishes, from paint to stone slates.

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