Passionate about discovering other countries, cultures and languages, Vanessa has been able to enrich her studies and professional experience in several countries, what has allowed her to integrate in her designs the multicultural richness that she has been part of.

Her professional career includes architectural, urban, landscape, restoration and interior design projects, on her own and in studios in Mexico, UK and France, where she lived during 8 years.

Her multidisciplinary experience has allowed her to know how to adapt her projects to the geographic, urban and landscape environment, as well as to value and respect historical elements.

This experience has also allowed her to learn alternative project management and construction methods, complementing the Mexican approach for better customer satisfaction.

 In Mexico

 Vanessa graduated as a licensed architect from the Universidad Iberoamericana León graduate school of architecture (B. Arch) in 2003. She is a confirmed architect in Mexico.
 Her professional career started in the company Aura Arquitectos Urbanitas Asociados in Leon, Gto.
 From 2004, she acquired a solid experience at V.C. Arquitectos, in León, Gto., working on the design and site management of industrial units and an apartment complex.
 On her own, and from 2004, Vanessa made several designs for residences, stands for expositions and models for serial housing construction companies in León, Gto.

 In the United Kingdom

 After completing her architecture studies in 2003, Vanessa worked, through IAESTE (International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience), with the company Percy Thomas Architects, in Cardiff (Wales, UK) where she was involved in the design of a rugby and basketball arena for the city of Bristol (England).
 In 2014, she participated in the international competition Design Museum Mexico City, organized by Archtriumph, in London, England.

 In France

 Vanessa obtained a master’s degree in urban planning from the Université Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne, in Paris, France in 2010.
 She collaborated with the landscape architecture studio Latitude Nord, in the town of Maisons Alfort, working in the Rennes-Métropole / Lille Pellevoisin urban studies, and in the landscape project of “chemin des Margueritois” residential complex in the city of Lille in 2009.
 In 2010, she worked as an assistant architect in charge of the design and installation for the exhibition Global Award for sustainable architecture 2010, in the production department of the Cité de l'architecture et du Patrimoine of Palais de Chaillot.
 The same year, she started working for 2BDM heritage restoration architects in the Château de Versailles, participating in the building of a fire safety project for the palace central corps and in the interior carpentry restoration project of the palace central corps first floor around the Cour de Marbre and the Cour Royale.
 Since 2012, Vanessa worked closely with the Parisian association IRIV (Institute of research and information for volunteering) by writing the architectural column for the e-magazine “les rives de l'iriv”.
 By the end of 2012, she worked in a design and interior finishing company in Paris in charge of execution plans in the design department, for boutiques interior’s design such as Chloé, Longchamp, Hermès, Tiffany, Cartier and Fauchon.
 She carried on some designs on her own such as an apartment interior renovation in Saint-Germain-en-Laye and a boutique in Paris.